Providing an Opportunity for Small Businesses to             “Pay It Forward”

As a small business ourselves; we have often received a “helping hand” from both our business associates and our clients, and we strongly believe in the mantra of “Paying It Forward”.

With that theory in mind we are proud to announce our “Small Businesses Helping Small Businesses” Sponsorship Program. We wish to invite any and all small businesses to join us.

This program provides the opportunity for small businesses that have become well established and successful to provide brand recognition and website services to smaller start-up businesses, thereby helping them achieve success.

Our sponsorship program is near and dear to our hearts as we understand how difficult it is for small businesses to become successful, especially in today’s market place.

  “Please join us in this networking opportunity while showing the support and generosity of the small business community by proving sponsorship to a small business that is a deserving recipient.

Join Us As A Sponsor
Please contact us to receive more information as to how you too can “Pay it Forward”
∼Maya Angelou∼
“One Must Know, Not Just How to Accept A Gift….But With What Grace To Share It”
Mentor-ship Has It’s Rewards
Offering you the opportunity to repay those who have helped you achieve success!
With out sharing it is faliure.
∼Mother Teresa∼
To Keep A Lamp Burning, We Have to Keep Putting Oil In It”.

The majority of people in the world today are generous.  Provide a cause they are passionate about, give them the opportunity to assist, and watch it bloom into something amazing. Take for instance, Habitat For Humanity, one does not have to make a monetary contribution, but just as important is the donation of one’s time and physical resources.

Our main philosophy at Colorado Web Design Studios is to provide website design and development to small and medium sized businesses at a fair price.  When my Partner first approached me with the idea for me to create project which would enable us to obtain funding in order to provide small businesses an online presence, I thought she had a great idea. Expanding on that idea I thought we should offer our current clientele web services and links in exchange for sponsoring new clients who may not be able to afford online services.  I took the ball and ran with it!  Having been a business owner myself for over 22 years, I am truly grateful to all of my business associates and mentors, as are most small businesses…….do you get where I’m going with this?  Yes, the inception of Small Businesses Helping Small Businesses was created out of our desire to provide an opportunity for the small business community to show their gracious willingness to help theirs by way of paying back those who have helped them…..and the cycle continues.

Colorado Web Design Pros understands the importance of small business networking and support, especially in today’s marketplace. Our staff is committed to returning the gracious mentoring provided by our associates, without whose help we wound never have been able to achieve the success we enjoy today.

Our Program Rewards Sponsors

The benefits of our “Small Businesses Helping Small Businesses” Sponsorship Program are far reaching as our Mentors and Sponsors not only get the satisfaction of  paying it forward, they also receive various benefits from  depending on their contribution such as logo placement and webpage links, thus contributing to their own business branding and marketing.   Please visit our Sponsor Rewards page for further details.

Recipient Benefits

Our Recipients will receive mentoring and a vast array of  marketing and branding materials based upon the specific need of the recipients.   As we reach out to the small business community we have, as we expected, found several businesses who are willing to assist us in providing our Recipients with branding and marketing material, as well as learning opportunities.  These benefits are to include a new/updated websitesocial media and hard copy marketing materials, and informational classes.  We would  like to take this opportunity to thank them for their generosity  and support as it provides us with the ability to donate the majority of our labor efforts to the development and design of the recipient’s website while still having the time to coordinate all aspects of the sponsorship program.

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